What is a Registered Agent?

A registered agent/ a statutory agent is a person who agrees to accept services and process on behalf of your LLC. A registered agent receives lawsuits and official legal documents on behalf of you. Each state has its own registered agent requirements. It doesn’t matter if you DIY, hire a lawyer/ registered agent or build it online, you will have to have a street address located in the state where you are forming an LLC. You need to hire a commercial registered agent if you don’t have a street address.
LLC or corporation requires law and legal document for its formation; in case of any failure in any legal formalities, the company is liable to penalties and cancelation of license.
A registered Agent/ a statutory agent deals with all kind of legal procedure for your company, which includes:

  • Dealing with tax documents of the LLC
  • Cross-checking annual reports and their deadlines
  • The services process
  • Undermining of litigation documents under lawsuits and proceeding of motions in court.
  • Subpoenas
  • Wage garnishment of employees.
  • Other legal notices and lawsuit proceedings

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What Will Happen If You Don’t Have A Registered Agent?

The absence of a registered agent is similar to the absence of salt in food. ‘Articles of Organisation’ and ‘Articles of Incorporation’ are essential to building an LLC, but your state won’t approve of them if you don’t appoint a registered agent. The same applies if you apply for an LLC in a foreign state, where ‘Certificate of registration’ is applied. Different states have different requirements for an LLC. Some states have strict rules for an LLC which include registered agent’s stamp and initial on the annual report. If there are any changes in the registered agent, the state demands a legal notice about the change. All the important notices which require a legal consultant will be delayed and left unchecked.

Moreover, if your company is used, there will be no registered agent to receive it, which can lead to a lawsuit and cost you high penalties and fines for non-compliance. You need to have a registered agent in all those states, wherever, you are establishing a business, because being sued in even one state can have a serious impact on your entire business. Your business can be administratively dissolved if you don’t have registered agent protection. Your business will then be exposed to all kinds of business creditors.

Can I Be My Own Registered Llc’s Registered Agent?

Qualifications for being a registered agent are simple. You need to be the resident of the state; you need to have your own street address. For other states, any of your officers or board members from the state can take the position. At times, even an attorney works as a registered agent. It is not advisable to be your own registered agent. And, thus, appointing a third party, who has sufficient knowledge about the subject is appropriate for this work.

Is Registered Agent Liable?

Registered agents are generally liable; they cannot proceed with any legal papers or tax document without your consent and signature. They are just a third party, to consult you through these legal documents and lawsuits.

Why Should We Use Registered Agent Service?

There are numbers of reasons to why we should use a registered agent service. People find service providers more reliable than other local sources. They find, locally searching a registered agent is more time consuming, confusing and a complicated process. Your registered agent’s address is a public address which will be known to everyone. That means every marketer; legal notice and etc. will be posted on that address, creating a junk mail. A registered agent service provider will make sure that your company’s main documents are away from the junk mail and main emails are replied on time. In case you keep traveling, you will not have to worry because all calls and important document will reach the registered office of the service provider. Using a service provider, you will not have to worry about having a registered agent in several states because one provider will function for all the states. States are very peculiar about registered agents; companies need to mention if there is any change in the address or the agent itself, having a service provider the changes will be very few and the update of information will be given by the agent itself.

How To Get Best Services From Registered Agent?

If you choose a good and experienced registered agent, you are half away there. Make sure that your agent checks all the emails and discard the junk ones. He/she has a proper registered address/ office so that your emails are delivered safely on time. In your absence, he/she should receive and reply to all calls and emails. All the legal notices are carefully submitted and replied. Tax documentation should be taken seriously and taxes should be filled on time. In case of any lawsuit, the registered agent should know all means to handle the problem swiftly with no penalties or fines in the future.

What Is Cost To Form An LLC?

Cost of an LLC depends upon on various factors. If you form an LLC by yourself then you will only need to pay the state filing fees which is $127. The state filing fees depend on the state to state. If you use an online corporation website then it would cost from $99 to $900. In case, you hire a lawyer then the cost range from $900 to $1500.

Cost Breakdown Of An LLC?

It is a great yet tough job to make an LLC, especially when it comes to financing. At this point, the cost breakdown is the most effective tip. There are couples of legal formalities which require money; the following segment will throw light on the cost breakdown of an LLC.

  • STATE FILING FEE: The state filing fees depends on state to state. If you use an online corporation website then it would cost from $99 to $900. In case, you hire a lawyer then the cost range from $900 to $1500.
  • ANNUAL MAINTAINING FEES: This fee is applicable in most of the states. It ensures that your LLC is functioning in a good position. If you don’t pay annual maintaining fees than, the state can either close or dissolve your LLC and having a low stand in the market is a not good for the company. According to your vigilance, it can either work as boon or curse.
  • REGISTERED AGENT: If you have your own street address, where you are locating your own LLC, then you don’t need a registered agent, but generally that is not the case, nor is it preferred. So, appointing of a registered agent can vary from cost to cost.
  • PUBLISHING REQUIREMENT: Publish a note of your LLC in a local newspaper and send the “affidavit of publication” to LLC filling office (REQUIRED ONLY IN FEW STATES) The cost may vary on state and newspaper rates.
  • OPERATING AGREEMENT: Operating agreement is the most important part of an LLC. Creating, an operating agreement for a single member costs $350-$1000, and $750-$5000 for a multi-member LLC.
  • FEDERAL TAX ID: A federal tax ID number is a free service provided by IRS, which helps you to open your business bank account. A federal tax number should be obtained after your LLC is approved. An EIN is used for filing taxes, getting credit cards and other finance related activities. An EIN can be generated online for free from the IRS, just make sure the website you use is authenticated.
  • LICENSES AND PERMITS: Licenses and Permits for LLC purpose are a little different and generally not included in the cost breakdown, but it is beneficial, if this cost is taken too, as they are an important aspect.



State LLC LLC Filing Fee LLC Annual/Biennial Fee
Albana LLC $183 $100 minimum (every year)
Alaska LLC $250 $100 (every 2 years)
Arizona LLC $50 $0 (report due every year)
Arkansas LLC $50 $150 (every year)
California LLC $70 $800 (every year) + $20 (every 2 years)
Colorado LLC $50 $10 (every year)
Connecticut LLC $160 $20 (every year)
Delaware LLC $90 $300 (every year)
Florida LLC $125 $138.75 (every year)
Georgia LLC $100 $50 (every year)
Hawaii LLC $50 $15 (every year)
Idaho LLC $100 $0 (every year)
Illinois LLC $150 (used to be $500) $75 every year (used to be $250)
Indiana LLC $90 $30 (every 2 years)
Iowa LLC $50 $60 by mail or $45 online (every 2 years) [used to be $45 by mail and $30 online]
Kansas LLC $165 $55 (every year)
Kentucky LLC $40 (sorry, I said $90 in the video) $15 (every year)
Louisiana LLC $100 $35 (every year)
Maine LLC $175 $85 (every year)
Maryland LLC $100 $300 (every year)
Massachusetts LLC $500 $500 (every year)
Michigan LLC $50 $25 (every year)
Minnesota LLC $160 $0 (report due every year)
Mississippi LLC $50 $0 (report due every year)
Missouri LLC $105 $0 (no report)
Montana LLC $70 $20 (every year)
Nebraska LLC $105 $10 (every 2 years)
Nevada LLC $425 $350 (every year)
New Hampshire LLC $100 $100 (every year)
New Jersey LLC $125 $50 (every year)
New Mexico LLC $50 $0 (no report)
New York LLC $200 $9 (every 2 years)
North Carolina LLC $125 $200 (every year)
North Dakota LLC $135 $50 (every year)
Ohio LLC $99 $0 (no report)
Oklahoma LLC $100 $25 (every year)
Oregon LLC $100 $100 (every year)
Pennsylvania LLC $125 $70 (every 10 years)
Rhode Island LLC $150 $50 (every year)
South Carolina LLC $110 $0 (no report unless LLC is taxed as S-Corp)
South Dakota LLC $150 $50 (every year)
Tennessee LLC $300 $300 (every year)
Texas LLC $300 $0 (report due every year)
Utah LLC $70 $15 (every year)
Vermont LLC $125 $35 (every year)
Virginia LLC $100 $50 (every year)
Washington LLC $200 $60 (every year)
Washington DC LLC $220 $300 (every 2 years)
West Virginia LLC $100 $25 (every year)
Wisconsin LLC $130 $25 (every year)
Wyoming LLC $100 $50 (every year)